Welcome to Ecosmarte.net, dealer/distributor of the best non-salt, non-chemical water technology. Our
natural oxygen technology is the 100% chlorine-free alternative for swimming pool, spa, whole house,
freshwater yacht and commercial applications (including rooftop and most recently golf course irrigation ).
We manage and remove minerals without the use of salt or brine discharge, and our products are easier to
use, safer, and more effective than traditional methods. In selected areas we have opportunities to become a
retail dealer, an in-home business and/or an export reseller. The first step is to become another satisfied
ECOsmarte® customer.  
Ecosmarte Systems come Highly Recomended by Industry Professionals
and have had a Customer Satisfaction Rate of 99%+ since 1997...
We are so certain you will be pleased, we are glad to offer the following

If for any reason you are not 100% pleased with your ECOsmarte pool or spa product, you can
return it to us within 60 days of your purchase and we will refund 100% of your purchase price.
In the past 10 years, less than 1% of all units sold worldwide were returned for a refund.

Our 5-Year Warranty

ECOsmarte is proud to offer one of the best warranties in the swimming pool/spa industry.

ECOsmarte warrants its equipment to be free of defects in material or workmanship for a period of
five (5) years.  This warranty includes the electronic box, the plumbing components and the titanium
electrodes.  It does not include the self-sacrificing copper electrodes.  The warranty does not include
installation or repair cost and in no event shall the liability under this warranty exceed the purchase
price of the product.
What Can Ecosmarte Water Systems Do for you?
Pools and Spas - Ecosmarte systems will create a crisp, clear pool and
spa without using any chlorine or other hazardous chemicals. Saving you
money and time, while being both healthy for you and your loved ones.

Home Water Treatment - Drink Bottled Water quality water in your home
from every tap, and fixture, whether you receive water from a well or the

Watterfalls/Koi Ponds - Have naturally clean water in your watterfall or
Koi Pond, keep your fish healthy and your water clear.

Commercial - Ecosmarte systems are specifically designed for your
individual commercial purpose. Our systems can be used in restaurants,
factories, hospitals, for agricultural needs, and much, much more....
I am writing to let you know how
much our family loves our
swimming pool since we
purchased the ionic water
purification system from
ECOsmarte. We live in Central
Pennsylvania and have an 18ft. x
36 ft. in the ground pool of twenty
seven years. During this period
of time we have tried several
methods of water purification.
We started with and used
chlorine (HTH) for thirteen years
and then switched to baquacil for
four years and finally in 1996 we
purchased the ionic purification
system from ECOsmarte which
we are currently using and like
very much. The great thing about
the ionic purification system is
that once you get your water
chemistry in balance there is
very little work to maintaining a
picture perfect pool. More
important is the fact that this
system provides you pure water
without any toxic chemicals and
at the same time saves you the
expense of those chemicals. In
addition, the ionic system uses
very little electricity so it is
inexpensive to operate. After
using all three methods of
purifying our pool water I would
recommend the ionic purification
system by ECOsmarte over all
the other methods. You can't
beat this system with all the
advantages it has to offer. Thank

Roger Guss - Pennsylvania
Dear ECOsmarte,

My husband and I recently purchased your ECOsmarte Turbo Pool System and we are truly pleased with it. We
are amazed at the clarity of the water, how soft our skin is after exiting the pool, and the lack of odor. Our skin no
longer feels itchy or dry, and our bodies do not smell of chemicals, such as chlorine. Several of our friends have
chlorine sensitivities and were not able to enjoy our pool during summer gatherings. They now are able to enjoy
the water without reactions and have further commented on how the water feels light and soft.

We look forward to enjoying the rest of this summer being chemical, chlorine, free!


Jeffrey & Charmayne Ross
Arcadia, CA.
Dear ECOsmarte,

There is nothing quite as important as having clean pure water. Water you can trust and rely upon to ensure the
health and needs of your family is what you get with the ECOsmarte system. The ECOsmarte system utilizes the
modern engineering technology necessary to achieve all these needs.

Mark H. de Rutte
General Contractor
Sebastopol, CA.
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